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Big Budget = Big Taxes

Whoa, Nelly! The Democrats have already blown away the overspending done by Republicans with their latest budget, and they’ve added huge tax increases (the biggest ever) to help pay for all that spending.

Even the Blue Dog Democrats have been allocated more pork, so everyone on that side of the issue is quite happy with the arrangement.

When will these people ever learn? Tax increases HURT our economy, and their overspending ways will drive this country into the ground.

They are ignoring all the wonderful gains we’ve had of late. Job growth will suffer and unemployment will increase back to record levels. Investment dollars will dry up and the economic growth this country has enjoyed over the last few years will turn into an economic downturn.

With this kind of policy, government revenues will DROP OFF, not increase, and the “American People” (a term the bozos in Congress love to use to justify failed policies and increased pork) will most definitely suffer for it.

Well…I guess we asked for it…


March 29, 2007 - Posted by | Politics

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