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Drudge just reported that Hillary is announcing $36 million raised for her campaign for the last quarter. I might point out that $10 million of that was transferred from her Senate campaign, so it’s not ALL donations.

That’s a formidable amount, and that certainly helps her chances of being the Democrat nominee when the elections take place next year.

Still, she’s not exactly fiscally responsible either, and millions in wasted funds are no doubt going to be spent during this election cycle by her campaign. We’ll see how well she does against her Democrat opponents during the very much shortened primary. A dog-fight could ensue.

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi is visiting the Middle East this week. This is for pure propaganda, as NOTHING she sees there will change her mind about NOT supporting the troops. Also, this gives her the opportunity to visit some of our enemies and attempt to “reach out” to them. Syria, for one.


April 1, 2007 - Posted by | Politics

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