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Blog Briefs

Blog briefs:

1.) An Edmonds, Washington lawyer is going to jail for stealing $325,000 from her clients! YES! Well, sorta…she’s only going to jail for a year, which is a typically short sentence for attorneys convicted of crimes in this state. Note in the picture included with this story that the convicted is smiling following her sentencing!

2.) A casino sign in Arlington, Washington is too tall…except that it’s on Indian land, so it’s not illegal. I guess some people are indeed more equal than others.

3.) In reference to my previous post, Washington state’s housing costs keep rising (only 25% of the states have rising costs…75% of states the cost has actually DROPPED)

4.) Stories on Nancy Pelosi’s embarrassing trip to Syria:
a.) PMO denies peace message to Assad
b.) Jimmy Carter approved the trip!
c.) More backlash from Pelosi’s “misstep”
d.) Even more backlash

Nancy Pelosi…what a maroon!


April 5, 2007 - Posted by | Politics

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