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Chopp vs Weinstein

As the 2007 legislative session here in Washington winds down (thank goodness!), the debate in the state’s House and Senate is going to get, shall we say, more interesting.

An example: freshman Senator Brian Weinstein (D) recently dissed House Speaker Frank Chopp (another D) for killing Senate Bill 5550, legislation that would mandate warranties on new homes to protect new homeowners from unscrupulous building practices. Quoting an article in the Seattle Times, …it would require a five-year guarantee against defects caused by water leaks and a 10-year warranty against structural defects.

Weinstein basically accused Chopp of cozying up with the Building Industry Association of Washington (BIAW) and for “acting like a dictator.” Another Democrat, Representative Brendan Williams, was also upset about Chopp’s action, threatening to resign if “right-wing thugs like the Building Industry Association are allowed to run roughshod over the process” Meanwhile, local lefties are also accusing the Speaker of collusion with the “enemy” (like here and here). Blogs like Northwest Progressive are even demanding passage of the bill so that Democrats could be “on the side of regular folks.”

The Democrats have never really been on the homeowners side, at least not since the Growth Management Act nightmare they perpetrated on all of us. Once again, they are trying to justify bad law by saying they are defending the little guy.

Critics of this bill (including the BIAW) say that costs will go up for homeowners, and that is what I was thinking, too. I mean, what builder in his (or her) right mind would eat the costs of this? The builder is going to pass the costs down to the buyer of the property (that’s you and me), so all of us would have to pay more and getting very little in return.

I hope this bill dies with barely a whimper. However, I’m ALL for the Democrats fighting among themselves!


April 5, 2007 - Posted by | Politics

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