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Blog Briefs IV

1.) Pelosi’s at it again: Plans a trip to Iran. Prosecute, prosecute, prosecute!

2.) The North Carolina Attorney General’s office may drop the remaining charges against the three Duke University lacrosse players. I say, it’s about time! I would never deny prosecution’s right and responsibility to nail bad guys, but this case was botched up from the beginning. I hope the three accused sue, and I believe they are going to…check here and here.

3.) Rebublicans say there is voter fraud, the Democrats say “the threat is overstated and have opposed voter identification laws, which they say disenfranchise the poor, members of minority groups and the elderly, who are less likely to have photo IDs and are more likely to be Democrats.” I say, why not err on the side of caution and do everything you can to prevent voter fraud?! The Dems want illegal voting because it helps them. They are not interested in maintaining the integrity of our system!

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More Pelosi

Here’s an excellent article on Pelosi’s “trip” to Damascus.

There were other people who went on this unauthorized trip, including Henry Waxman (among other Dems) and a few RINOs as well.


Yet, we hear nothing from the MSM, the president or anyone…

It seems these people have forgotten we are a country of laws, not men.

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