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NJ Governor Injured In Car Accident

Jon Corzine, governor of New Jersey, was injured in a hit-and-run accident yesterday while going to meet with ousted-talk radio host Don Imus. I looked up the seat belt laws for his state, and he was NOT required to be wearing a seat belt (having been in the back seat of an SUV), even though common sense dictates otherwise.

At first, I thought he only had a broken leg, but now it’s clear he’s had extensive injuries requiring surgery. According to one story,

The governor’s femur bone was broken in two places, and it protruded through his skin. He also suffered a broken sternum, 12 broken ribs, a head laceration and a minor fracture on a lower vertebra, according to doctors at Cooper University Hospital in Camden, where he was flown by helicopter after the crash.”

Now, Jon Corzine is a Democrat whom I very likely disagree with on most points, but I hope he experiences a speedy recovery and get back to his job as soon as possible.


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