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Blog Briefs V

1.) Hillary (as many of us knew all along) LIED to cover her backside re: her vote for the war. She’s saying she voted for the war because President Bush deceived her, but now it turns out that she received the same briefing as the President did, AND THAT SHE DID NOT READ the resolution herself before voting for it. She is so not worthy to be our President, now and never!

2.) Congress is traveling all over the world, at the expense of you and me. Of course, this furor over this will last only a few days, but they will continue to shaft us with this kind of largess forever. I wish SOMEONE in Congress would get a backbone and crack down on this kind of nonsense, but it seems like the water there dissolves backbones once a person moves there. Shame on them, anyway, even if I can’t do anything else about this!

3.) Queen Christine Gregoire, ruler of Washington state, signed two bills into law recently, one of which I agree with, and one I have mixed feelings about. The one I agree with deals with people who do not choose a party in the primary when they vote. It counts their vote anyway if they choose candidates 100% from one party. The better way is to let people vote for anyone they wish, but at least this new law makes the current system more fair, though most people (like me), think it is a messed up system and should be overhauled completely. The other vote is to permanently enact the intermediate drivers license for drivers who turn 16. I’ve given this one a lot of thought, and I have to disagree with her and the other nannies leading our state. If a 16-year-old is qualified to drive, then they should be able to drive with all their rights in place.

4.) The controversy over whether a new stadium for the Sonics should be built in Renton isn’t going the way it should. Queen Christine is trying to gauge the support for the new stadium from the House and Senate. She should rather gauge the support from the TAXPAYING PUBLIC from the entire state. These lawmakers want to pay for a new stadium for a private…PRIVATE…organization using OUR MONEY. The vast majority of people in this state won’t support that, so that’s why Her Majesty is avoiding us.


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