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More Pelosi

Here’s an excellent article on Pelosi’s “trip” to Damascus.

There were other people who went on this unauthorized trip, including Henry Waxman (among other Dems) and a few RINOs as well.


Yet, we hear nothing from the MSM, the president or anyone…

It seems these people have forgotten we are a country of laws, not men.


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Blog Briefs III

1.) Michael Barone summarizes the disastrous Middle-East trip that Nancy Pelosi just completed here. She is an absolutely arrogant fink and a criminal!

2.) Washington State Treasurer Michael Murphy rejected the finance plan for the proposed rebuilding of the Evergreen Point Bridge unless tolls are enacted on the Interstate 90 crossing and on the new bridge itself. My first reaction to this is “He’s wanting to tax us more!”; however, when you think about it, the state has woefully underestimated the cost of this project (by more than 30%), and he’s just pointing that out (BTW, the underestimate is short by billions…BILLIONS!). Typical idiot state managers. They are ALWAYS underestimating the real costs of projects in this state, and we are stuck with the bill!

3.) interviews former gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi here.

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RIP, Johnny!

Michelle Malkin gives a very nice tribute to Johnny Hart, creator of the BC comic strip and co-creator of the Wizard of Id, who just passed away Easter Saturday.

BC has always been one of my favorite comic strips. I hope that they continue to run the strip for years to come, just like they do with Charles Schultz’ Peanuts.

We will all indeed miss Johnny’s humor…but his faith lives on!

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Fred Thompson Blogs!

Over at, former Senator Fred Thompson blogs. His article is simply Reaganesque!

What he says makes sense, and flies right in the face of the doomsayer Democrats! Let’s hope we see more from this guy.

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"Sport" Shooters?

Here’s a recent article about sport shooters taking shots at National Guardsmen while these soldiers are out practicing warfare. The opening line of this article: “For years, ATV-riding, gun-toting sport shooters have flouted gun laws in part of Idaho’s high desert by taking pot shots at ground squirrels and other animals.”

Also mentioned is several illegal shooting incidents (shooting at birds, etc.).

Problem is…people who do this kind of shooting are NOT sport shooters…they’re vandals and potentially poachers and murderers.

There is NOTHING wrong with riding ATV’s, toting guns, or doing both. I resent journalists blaming people who shoot guns for fun and for practice as guilty of acts done by a few punks.

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Blog Briefs II

1.) More on (or should I say “moron”?) Pelosi’s fumble:
a.) I was wondering if she committed a crime going to Syria like she did. The Wall Street Journal says YES! I say…IMPEACH PELOSI IF SHE VIOLATED THE LAW!
b.) Here’s the Veep’s take on Pelosi’s “visit”
c.) USA Today’s take on it (and they even disagree with the President’s approach on Syria)

2.) Fred Thompson, former actor and Senator, is gearing up for a go at president. Here’s the news story, but the writer, Mike Allen, made an interesting comment: “Though Thompson has shown well in some polls since he said he was actively considering a presidential bid, the hurdles to such a late start are many“. It’s an interesting comment because…NORMALLY, this wouldn’t be too late…it’s just that others have started so early!!! Mike Allen…Maroon.

3) That did it…I am in NO WAY supporting Mitt Romney for the Republican nomination!!! He’s had several missteps that I was willing to overlook, but now he just said that the flat tax was unfair and that he wouldn’t look at reforming the US tax code, a hopelessly intricate and unnecessarily complicated system, not to mention ridiculous.

4.) Here’s an interesting article from Michigan: An iPod for every kid? Are they !#$!ing idiots? Now how could you deny the CHILDREN I-pods, I ask you?! How dare you deny the kids’ right to an education?!
— insert sarcasm here —

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Blog Briefs

Blog briefs:

1.) An Edmonds, Washington lawyer is going to jail for stealing $325,000 from her clients! YES! Well, sorta…she’s only going to jail for a year, which is a typically short sentence for attorneys convicted of crimes in this state. Note in the picture included with this story that the convicted is smiling following her sentencing!

2.) A casino sign in Arlington, Washington is too tall…except that it’s on Indian land, so it’s not illegal. I guess some people are indeed more equal than others.

3.) In reference to my previous post, Washington state’s housing costs keep rising (only 25% of the states have rising costs…75% of states the cost has actually DROPPED)

4.) Stories on Nancy Pelosi’s embarrassing trip to Syria:
a.) PMO denies peace message to Assad
b.) Jimmy Carter approved the trip!
c.) More backlash from Pelosi’s “misstep”
d.) Even more backlash

Nancy Pelosi…what a maroon!

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Chopp vs Weinstein

As the 2007 legislative session here in Washington winds down (thank goodness!), the debate in the state’s House and Senate is going to get, shall we say, more interesting.

An example: freshman Senator Brian Weinstein (D) recently dissed House Speaker Frank Chopp (another D) for killing Senate Bill 5550, legislation that would mandate warranties on new homes to protect new homeowners from unscrupulous building practices. Quoting an article in the Seattle Times, …it would require a five-year guarantee against defects caused by water leaks and a 10-year warranty against structural defects.

Weinstein basically accused Chopp of cozying up with the Building Industry Association of Washington (BIAW) and for “acting like a dictator.” Another Democrat, Representative Brendan Williams, was also upset about Chopp’s action, threatening to resign if “right-wing thugs like the Building Industry Association are allowed to run roughshod over the process” Meanwhile, local lefties are also accusing the Speaker of collusion with the “enemy” (like here and here). Blogs like Northwest Progressive are even demanding passage of the bill so that Democrats could be “on the side of regular folks.”

The Democrats have never really been on the homeowners side, at least not since the Growth Management Act nightmare they perpetrated on all of us. Once again, they are trying to justify bad law by saying they are defending the little guy.

Critics of this bill (including the BIAW) say that costs will go up for homeowners, and that is what I was thinking, too. I mean, what builder in his (or her) right mind would eat the costs of this? The builder is going to pass the costs down to the buyer of the property (that’s you and me), so all of us would have to pay more and getting very little in return.

I hope this bill dies with barely a whimper. However, I’m ALL for the Democrats fighting among themselves!

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Congratulations to the Florida Gators for winning the men’s NCAA basketball championship, topping Ohio State 84 – 75.

And congratulations to the ladies of Tennessee, who beat Rutgers 59 – 46!

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One more time…

Okay…let me poke fun at Hillary one more time before I move on to other topics:

(From Townhall’s Funnies section)

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